Got Questions?

Have some questions on how we work? The following is a list of questions our clients often asks us, if you have a question you don’t see listed here please call us at 416.909.0620
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1Why should I choose Paradigm Ticket Defence to help me with my traffic ticket?

Well, for three reasons; experience, cost effectiveness and knowledge. As a former veteran police officer, I personally take carriage of your traffic matter from start to finish and put my expertise and professional network to good use in your defence.

2How is Paradigm Ticket Defence different from all the other paralegal outfits?

Honesty. If we discover during your free initial consultation that you don’t have much of a case or require my services, I won’t take your money. Why pay me for something you can do yourself? I’d rather see you keep you money and get yourself a nice pair of shoes if there is no need for my services.

3What exactly is this free consultation all about?

It’s where we go over the details of your case and decide what actions can be taken to deal with your ticket. It costs you absolutely zip, zero, zilch to speak to a former police officer directly about your matter. You can call any day of the week to speak to me directly.

4What sort of money can I expect to spend with Paradigm Ticket Defence?

I can usually deal with most Part 1 Offences (speeding/red light/hand-held etc) from Windsor to Toronto in the $275 – $400 range, depending on the circumstances. Part 3 Offences (more serious) and Part 1’s north of Barrie can run a bit more, but my prices remain competitive. These services include all filings, court attendances, disclosure request(s) and expert review of evidence from start to finish. I charge a flat fee, which is quoted up front, and at no time will I approach you again asking for further money if the matter requires extra attendances etc. I also offer student discounts, so please remember to mention that right from the onset. I was a student once and understand all too well that a break on costs is much appreciated.

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