A CVOR abstract is a document that displays information about an operator and that operator’s safety performance. There are three CVOR abstracts available:

Public CVOR Abstract (Level I) is a one-page document available to the general public summarizing an operator’s record over a two-year period.

Carrier CVOR Abstract (Level II) is available only to the operator or their authorized agent, and includes summary data over a two-year period, as well as detailed event data for collisions, convictions and inspections for a five-year period.

CVOR Driver Abstract is a five-year record of collisions associated with a conviction of the driver for a safety-related offence, convictions and inspections relating to the driver (while operating a commercial motor vehicle in Ontario only). The driver-licence status and medical due date are also shown.

Carrier CVOR Abstract (Level II)

Collisions, convictions and inspections appear on a Carrier CVOR Abstract (Level II) in the following ways:


Reportable collisions that occurred in Ontario are received by MTO from the police. Reportable collisions that occurred in other Canadian jurisdictions are reported by those jurisdictions via a Canada-wide, data-exchange system.  Only those out-of-province collisions that occurred after April 1, 2007, will appear on a carrier abstract.  A “reportable accident” involves damage over $2,000 and/or personal injury.

Collisions are assigned points based on the severity of the collision and other information on the motor vehicle accident report.  The report may also include written information on charges laid.

Collisions where no improprieties or vehicle defects are noted on the police report appear on the operator’s CVOR record but do not incur points (for example, zero pointed).  Collisions reported at a collision reporting centre (self-reporting) are also included on the operator’s record and may also be pointed.


An officer may lay a charge against a driver or operator. Convictions resulting from driver or operator charges are recorded on the operator’s CVOR record with point values based on severity.

Convictions for offences that occurred in other Canadian jurisdictions are received by MTO via a Canada-wide data, exchange system. These out-of-province convictions will appear on a Carrier CVOR Abstract (Level II).


An officer may conduct an inspection of a commercial motor vehicle. Inspections are conducted according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) standards, which are applied by all jurisdictions across North America. Inspections can result in the following findings:

  • Defects
  • Out-of-service defects
  • Critical defects that can cause the vehicle to be impounded

As a service to my carrier clients, I always offer a complimentary review of the company CVOR Level II abstract. By doing this, I’m able to gauge what sort of infractions have historically been an issue, as well as keep tabs on when CVOR points are “falling” off. All this leads to a full and comprehensive approach to ensuring that the “clearing up” process runs accordingly.

Paradigm Ticket Defence spends the necessary time on your case with the purpose of eliminating the charges completely via being withdrawn or dismissed. If this is not possible, we will negotiate with the prosecutors to keep demerit/CVOR points kept to an absolute minimum. Each case involves the input of the client from start to finish to ensure that there are no surprises at any point. My clients know that my accessibility is the key to my business, not just at the time of the initial consultation, but throughout the life of a matter.

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