CVOR Offences

Traffic Tickets for
Commercial Motor Vehicles, Drivers and Carriers

CVOR Offences

Traffic Tickets for Commercial Motor Vehicles, Drivers and Carriers

In relation to CVOR traffic tickets, both owners and operators of commercial vehicles and their drivers are required to ensure that:

  • That the vehicle(s) being driven on Ontario highways are in a safe mechanical condition,
  • That the required documentation is in order and completed properly,
  • That the driver follows the rules of the road, and
  • The vehicle is compliant with the Hours of Service regulations.

When a vehicle is stopped for an inspection and there is a mechanical, documentation or hours of service issue the officer can charge the driver and/or the company.

In these cases, a CVOR traffic ticket will result in CVOR points being assigned to the carrier’s CVOR record which will increase the carrier’s violation rate.

In cases where both the driver and carrier have been charged with essentially the same offence, the points for both charges will result in CVOR points being assigned to the carrier’s record.

The accumulation of CVOR traffic tickets can mean increased insurance premiums and may affect the safety rating of the company with the Ministry of Transport.

For individual drivers, your driving record is paramount to your ability to work as a driver in Ontario.

Drivers with demerit points and CVOR traffic tickets are considered higher risk drivers and may have employment issues.

Commercial vehicle operators and drivers must always take an active role in ensuring that any potential violations are dealt with properly. You want to hire a traffic ticket paralegal with knowledge and experience in CVOR and commercial vehicle operations.

Fighting CVOR Tickets

Our goal is to have the charge dismissed

With Paradigm, our goal is to have the charge dismissed against you and your company. My goal is to establish a working relationship with safety/compliance managers so that any and all traffic tickets are dealt with accordingly. Many of the companies I represent call me regularly to ensure that all is being done to maintain a healthy CVOR rating. Paradigm is available at nearly any hour to ensure all enquiries are responded to in a timely fashion.

Convictions for charges are the main factor in increasing a carrier’s violation rate, and insurance premiums. By working together, we can ensure that all is being done to maintain a stellar compliance record and keep insurance premiums and driver/company abstracts running smoothly.

Carriers and drivers that do not contest these charges are significantly more likely to face further interventions from the Ministry of Transportation such as warning letters, audits, interviews or sanctions.

Challenging the charges received by the carrier or the drivers will significantly assist in managing and reducing the number of points being assigned to the carrier’s record and assist in avoiding interventions and undue attention from the Ministry of Transportation.

Paradigm utilizes the services of retired police officers and former MTO officers in order to stage mock audits, reviews and implement training for drivers and companies when required.

Whether you need representation on Safety Ratings, CVOR Inspections, CVOR Audits, Suspensions or CVOR Training, Paradigm has the available experts to assist.

CVOR tickets system

What is it used for?

The Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration is used to monitor commercial motor vehicles and drivers in Ontario in relationship to safety ratings including;

  • Accidents involving commercial motor vehicles.
  • Traffic tickets for commercial motor vehicles.
  • Inspections by Ministry officers for commercial vehicles.

Assignment of points to safety-related incidents for commercial motor vehicles. All CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) inspections, whether passed or failed.

Traffic tickets and CVOR Violations on a commercial vehicle abstract and carrier licence can have a serious impact on insurance rates, and the driver’s ability to drive and be employable.

Continued safety violations not only affect the driver but can affect the “Safety Rating” of the company, affecting it’s licensing with the Ministry of Transportation and the insurance rates for the company.

For an expert analysis of any CVOR offence, call Joel at Paradigm to get a no-charge assessment of what the options are.

Although all CVOR tickets and issues may not result in the ticket(s) being withdrawn, Joel has the working knowledge and experience to assist in ensuring that all legal angles are exercised. By dissecting tickets at all levels, Paradigm looks for any discrepancies, officer mistakes, conflicting witness accounts, or any other missing or inaccurate reporting which can strengthen our case or provide a loophole.

Paradigm has the resources and knowledge to ensure that all options are explored, and to handle all matters properly from start to finish.

Put your mind at ease and take advantage of my knowledge and experience.

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