Paradigm Ticket Defence Handles:

  • CVOR Offences

  • Careless Driving

  • Speeding

  • Stunt Racing

  • Seatbelt Offences

  • Driving While Under Suspension

  • Drive-No Insurance

  • G1 and G2 Licence Infractions

  • Amber/Red Light Offences

  • Follow Too Closely

  • Hand-held Offences

  • Stop Sign Offences

  • Re-Openings and Appeals

Types of tickets handled by Paradigm include all Part 1 and Part 3 offences

Part 1 offences offer you the chance to pay, amounts up to $500, and are generally considered to be lesser offences. That said, many of these tickets carry substantial demerit points and can lead to insurance issues if not handled properly. These tickets are issued at the time of the vehicle stop and are usually green or white (if printer generated) and give you 3 options on the back.

Some Part 1 offences, which carry hidden administrative suspensions, can greatly affect  a novice driver. Some of these violations carry suspensions issued by the Ministry of Transportation and are automatic upon conviction. Simply paying these tickets or a guilty plea can have serious implications. Call Joel today to understand exactly what it is you’re getting into.

Part 3 offences usually involve the more serious charges and don’t have a fine on the ticket. What you’re getting here, usually on a yellow ticket, is an automatic court date.

Some of the offences prosecuted under Part 3 proceedings are Driving under suspension, Operating without insurance, Stunt/Racing and many others not listed.

Some Part 3’s also carry a possible jail sentence, hefty fines and license suspensions upon conviction. By all means, these matters should be left to a professional as they require serious attention in order to ensure that a proper defence is put forth.

Paradigm has many years of experience in successfully dealing with both Part 1 and Part 3 offences laid under the Highway Traffic Act. Call us today to find out exactly what is on the line, and what options are available.

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